Brad Trackman

"Brad Trackman is that rare combination of a first rate stand-up and a first rate stand-up comedy teacher. "

- Stephen Rosenfield
(Director - American Comedy Institute)

Learn Comedy with Brad Trackman

There are man ways to learn comedy, and an excellent fast track to honing your comedic skills is with private coaching.  Learn how to be a comedian by going through all the steps, from writing to performing to reviewing your work!

Even if you are already funny, learning comedy skills onstage is crucial.  Your presence on stage and ability to deliver material are key to entertaining your audience.  Brad Trackman can not only teach you how to be a comedian and how to be funny, but if you want to truly learn standup comedy, Brad is one of the nation's key resources!

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Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro, this book and DVD are your comprehensive guides to the comedy business!